Hi There!

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you
for visiting the Storyteller Store and to introduce myself.

My name is Jonathan – the face behind the “Storyteller” name and branding. It is the name will appear on the PayPal checkout, and perhaps a name you may see in other places throughout the composer world and VI community. But what once  began as a username for me on the VI-Control forum has now become quite synonymous with my intentions and journey through life. And though the username has carried through to these other aspects of my life, I think it is only fitting that I take a moment to share with you a brief story about the products available in this store.

The products that are available for purchase, were initially created as a way to improve my own personal workflow in the VI Composer space. The love and care that took place in crafting these “products” was always intended as a way to remove burdens from my personal workflow in creating music so that only joy – and no roadblocks – remained. Though once the full picture arose into view, it was apparent that others could be helped in overcoming these same challenges – for the challenges were not unique to one individual.

After all, isn’t it supposed to be about making music, not figuring out how to make things work in order to make music?

So life was given to OTR – a formality to a personal project that had already been crafted with tremendous care.  Overall, we are all here to help grow ourselves and share that which we have learned with others – and OTR is just that. It can be a new beginning for some, a beautiful change in landscape for others. Either way, it is my hope that the energy placed into the creation of all that you see here will trickle into all that will be created with it.

With all of the love I can share in this world,