Waves IR1 & IR-L Preset Pack – Samplicity Bricasti M7


Users of Waves IR1 and IR-L have long known about the generous contribution of Bricasti M7 IRs provided by Samplicity.  However, due to the naming conventions of the freely downloadable file-set from Samplicity as well as the not-quite-so-intuitive import process in Waves IR1 plugins, having a complete set of Bricasti M7 IRs has never been a very simple process.  That changes with this preset pack.  Inside the preset pack, you will find a complete bundle (including the Samplicity QUAD IRs for Waves IR1 and IR-L), pre-configured for use within the Waves IR1 and IR-L plugins within your DAW.  All that you have to do to get started using this IR pack is to unzip the downloadable file and drop it into a specific folder on your DAW and it will appear in your IR1 and IR-L preset menu. This is all covered in the Installation Instructions included in the zip file. It is that simple!

I hope you enjoy getting started with Samplicity’s Bricasti M7 Impulse Response pack. Please be sure to visit the Samplicity website to support their generous contribution.


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