Waves IR1 & IR-L Preset Pack – Hopkins Project


Users of Waves IR1 and IR-L over the years may have stumbled across a large IR download pack created by Greg Hopkins while he was a student at Middle Tennessee State University. The pack includes stereo samples of ambient spaces, rooms, and halls. But most importantly it includes a large list of sampled analog and digital reverb devices (listed below). However, as wonderful as Greg’s contribution is, there has still been a challenge of getting up and running with this sample pack using Waves IR1 and IR-L plugins.

That changes with this preset pack.  Inside the preset pack, you will find a complete bundle (including the Hopkins IRs for Waves IR1 and IR-L), pre-configured for use within the Waves IR1 and IR-L plugins within your DAW.  All that you have to do to get started using this IR pack is to unzip the downloadable file and drop it into a specific folder on your DAW and it will appear in your IR1 and IR-L preset menu. This is all covered in the Installation Instructions included in the zip file. It is that simple!

Included Devices:

  • AKGBX20E1
  • Ecoplate
  • EMT 140 v1
  • EMT 140 v2
  • Lexicon 300
  • Lexicon 480L
  • Lexicon PCM60
  • Yamaha Rev7

Also included are a number of real spaces, tunnels, and rooms.  Please be sure to support Greg for this generous contribution.

IR Creator: Hopkins Media Services

License:  Creative-Commons Attribution-Any


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