TrackPack for The Misfits Collection


TrackPacks for OTR enhance the workflow for Composers & VI Artists even more than one would ever think possible. Imagine many of the most popular VIs are already preloaded and pre-configured to be used in OTR. Big orchestral libraries already mapped and pre-routed based on a variety of composer workflow choices. Just right-click -> insert track from template -> choose your library.  Yes, you will still need to own the plugins to make use of all of the VIs included in each TrackPack, but it does not prevent you from owning the TrackPack itself. Most TrackPacks include a collection of VIs from different vendors already preconfigured. And as more vendors become involved with OTR, each TrackPack will be updated to include these new VIs to the TrackPacks free of charge.

So if you do not see several of your libraries in the list for each TrackPack today, don’t fret! More will be added as fast as we can. It is a new concept train for developers to board. We are accepting all developer’s though! No one left behind.

The Misfits Collection consists of a suite of the VIs that do not fall under any typical category. We all own them, but usually do not know where to put them. So if you are puzzled about a particular VI’s category and we are too – and the VI is fairly popular, we intend for it to be included in this TrackPack. Maybe even some unpopular ones too.

Included in the current release are:

Audio Imperia – Nailstrom Cigar Box Guitar
Eduardo Tarilonte – FKII – Kalimba
Eduardo Tarilonte – FKII – Music Box
Embertone – Arcane
ISW – Super Audio Cart
NI Kinetic Treats – Electric Train Set
NI Kinetic Treats – Xylo Polyphones
NI Kinetic Treats -Record Player Music Box
Orange Tree – Angelic Keys
Realitone – Realiwhistle
Soundiron – Shimmer
Soundiron – Theramin
Spitfire – DC Noisemaker
Cinesamples – Room Tone
Fluffy Audio – Didg Hybridoo
Fluffy Audio – My Key Glock
Fluffy Audio – My Log Drum
ISW – Curio Toy Piano
LDLC – Easy Tambourine
Orange Tree – Rainstick
Orange Tree – Sleigh Bells
Orange Tree – Tiny Box
Pianoteq 5 – Toy Piano
Pianoteq 5 STAGE – Toy Piano
Soniccouture – Glassworks
Soniccouture – Hurdy Gurdy
Soniccouture – Skiddaw Stones
Soniccouture – Tingkilk
Soniccouture – Xbow Guitars
Spitfire Labs – Toy Piano
VSTBuzz – W-Clock

***Please note that the VIs listed above will exist in varying pre-configured states. While many VIs on the list will be fully preloaded and pre-configured, there may be a rare case where the VST will need to be manually loaded or a patch loaded or selected within the VST itself. At a minimum, all VIs that use a sampler engine will have that sampler preloaded and routed. But depending on the VI, some manual intervention could be required to actually load the patch. Once this is done once and saved, it will never have to be done again.***


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