TrackPack for Evolution Series World Percussion Core 2.0


TrackPacks for OTR enhance the workflow for Composers & VI Artists even more than one would ever think possible. Imagine many of the most popular VIs are already preloaded and pre-configured to be used in OTR. Big orchestral libraries already mapped and pre-routed based on a variety of composer workflow choices. Just right-click -> insert track from template -> choose your library.  Yes, you will still need to own the plugins to make use of all of the VIs included in each TrackPack, but it does not prevent you from owning the TrackPack itself.

This Collection consists of a number of well-crafted track template configurations. Keep in mind that VI-L and VI-GROUP configurations can contain hundreds of tracks within the container template itself. For example, in a strings library, a VI-L configuration could contain subsets of violins, violas, cellos, and basses with all of the individual articulations preloaded and split onto separate tracks. So dive in! Enjoy this well-crafted TrackPack for OTR!

Included in the current release are:

  • Evolution Series World Percussion Core 2.0
    • Main Mix
      • VI-GROUP- ES – Africa (Default Mics)
      • VI-GROUP- ES – Asia (Default Mics)
      • VI-GROUP- ES – Europe (Default Mics)
      • VI-GROUP- ES – Middle East (Default Mics)
      • VI-GROUP- ES – Quick Kits (Default Mics)
      • VI-GROUP- ES – South America (Default Mics)
      • VI-GROUP- ES – World Inspire Ensembles (Default Mics)
      • VI-L- Evolution Series – World Percussion Core 2.0 (Default Mics)


***Please Note, for all VIs that use a sampler engine (such as Kontakt, etc), there will initially be a prompt to link your personal version of the sample library to the TrackPack configuration. Once this is completed and saved, it will never prompt you for any additional information again.***



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