Orchestral Template for Reaper v2

The only industry standard workflow template for composers using Reaper. It is kind of a composer’s nirvana. Really.


1000 Custom Scripts and Actions for Reaper, Pre-built Project Templates with Track Routing, Pre-configured Track Templates, Custom-designed Reaticulate GUI, Included Articulation Map Templates, OTRv1 Project Converter to OTRv2, Custom Designed Reaper Theme, Easy-to-use custom designed GUI to manage track groups and stem routing, and more!




Want to learn more about OTR?

  • Visit a website fully devoted to OTR HERE
  • Learn more about Reaper HERE
  • Orchestral Template For Reaper Youtube Channel HERE
  • New to the composer community? Look none other than VI-Control community to learn more about OTR and the digital composing world



OTR is approximately a 90MB zip file (depending on version) that extracts to 250MB, so you will need to make sure you have approximately 400MB of space to download and extract the file. The size of the file includes a pre-configured version of Reaper 6.x and the latest release of SWS at the time of file upload. It is not a license for Reaper, though.  OTR and Reaper are available in 64bit versions for OS X and Windows. Please check Reaper’s minimum system requirements before making your purchase. OTR2 was designed for a minimum screen resolution of 1920X1080.

***NOTE: OTR does not include a license for Reaper. OTR is an add-on package to your pre-existing licensed version of Reaper 5.x (available at http://reaper.fm). ***




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