Orchestral Template for Reaper (OTR)



OTR is the only industry standard workflow template for Composers & VI Artists consisting of a comprehensive set of custom scripts, actions, buttons, knobs, shortcuts, and innovative workflow enhancements that sit on top of the Reaper DAW as a NEW & REFINED user interface. Many excessive composer workflow processes have been reduced to a single click of a button.  Imagine inserting an entire template for a woodwind section with one click? And yes, you likely will even find options for articulations per track and key-switched multis – all preloaded, ready for you to use. And with TrackPacks, everything is pre-configured with one click. No more inserting tracks and then loading plugins and configuring track outputs.

  • Imagine rendering all of your stems with one click? That’s all it takes. Grab a coffee while everything renders.
  • But what if you only want a certain stem rendered? One click. No configurations to deal with. You don’t have to worry about setting up your stem process. It already is waiting for you.
  • Need a reverb? The routing is already setup for you. Just add the send to your track.
  • Ever tried to use a VCA and then realized how confusing the workflow is? No longer will you have any difficulty. One click. One fader.
  • With a growing library of TrackPack Expansions most of the industry’s most popular VIs will be pre-configured and waiting for you to right-click -> insert track.
  • BONUS! For a limited time, all copies of OTR will includes the Kontakt Factory Library Orchestra TrackPack (note, you must own the full version of Kontakt to use this TrackPack)

“I’ve always believed that if you create something that makes your life easier and more fulfilled, then that creation is the very thing in which others could benefit from as well. And so it is with OTR which was designed from the ground up as a solution to the workflow requirements of digital composers. In fact, I like to think that OTR takes the “work” out of it, leaving only the FLOW of inspiration between you and your final mix. No more audio routing quesitons. No more template design conundrums. No more limitations.”

– Jonathan (Creator of OTR)

If you’ve never heard of Reaper, check it out! It can be found by going to http://reaper.fm. Whether you are familiar with Reaper or not, the important thing to know is that Reaper + OTR creates a harmony for workflows with large VI sessions – typically experienced by Composers & VI Artists.


OTR is approximately a 150MB zip file (depending on version) that extracts to 300MB, so you will need to make sure you have approximately 450MB of space to download and extract the file. The size of the file includes a pre-configured version of Reaper 5.78 and SWS 2.9.7. It is not a license for Reaper, though.  OTR and Reaper are available in 64bit versions for OS X and Windows. Please check Reaper’s minimum system requirements before making your purchase.

***NOTE: OTR does not include a license for Reaper. OTR is an add-on package to your pre-existing licensed version of Reaper 5.x (available at http://reaper.fm). ***