A Storyteller Multi-Tempo Reaper Project

A Reaper project demonstration of using two separate tempos in a project simultaneously.


This project was created as a demonstration for users searching out how to create a project using two separate tempos simultaneously in a track. This is distinctly different than having a project that changes two tempos over the course of the song. This project allows both tempos to play back simultaneously – like a DJ would do when aligning two tempos between different songs.  In this demonstration project, you will find 2 separate subprojects with different tempos – each with 32 stereo channels of audio (64 total channels). There is also a master project included that includes both subprojects and also has the audio from the subprojects routed as separate tracks for mixing.

To use this project, simply click on the Master Project file included in the zip file. Once loaded, you can open the separate subprojects by simply clicking on the rendered audio clip of each respective subproject. This will open a new tab in Reaper.

Please note that Reaper 5.x is required for use.


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